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Calamitous Mortality

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Tedium Vitae

The Fatalist Archipelago

The Ludovico Technique

Lyrics - Tedium Vitae

A burden angelically

Oh passion, wasteful and turbulent
Oh bane, deceitful and malevolent
Oh tempest, in my days you roar
Oh gale, in my thoughts you soar

My acts once virgin-born
Adversaries scarcely in sight
Now mocked with infamy and foretold scorn
Seeking sanctuary under the cloack of night

Held in domicile captivity
Shunned from this wretched life's miseries
And the various objects of delight
Regorged in the tunnel of extinguished light

Hiding in my den of shame
Where everything remains the same
Nothing left for you to be
Come and firewalk with me

Pernicious to my eminence
Mourning the death of reverence
Dignified favours to corrupt mankind
Incarcerated in the gaol of my mind

We hardly live in the best of all worlds
When life is but a penal colony