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Calamitous Mortality

Covering a multitude of sins


Fear comes with the territory

Imaginary Time



Mk Ultra

Modern Prometheus

Radical Enlightenment

Reading Gaol



Tedium Vitae

The Fatalist Archipelago

The Ludovico Technique

Lyrics - Sisyphus

Come inside, enter the free
Shackled save you and me
This absurd life, soon you'll see
No use to run, useless to flee

Train of thought grinding the track
Emerging pain when you look back
Into a future open wide
Pondering on suicide

Succumb to melancholy
Piling all inner debris
Push the rock over the hill
Though existence feels empty still

Sacrifice certainty
World's weight crushing me
Nothingness' all you see
And a hollow liberty

Pain and grief surging through me
A woeful tapestry
What if I picked up this knife
And decided to end my life?

This mystery
Overcoming me
This misery
Empowering me

Unable to choose
Thus born to lose
From this malady
That is me