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Calamitous Mortality

Covering a multitude of sins


Fear comes with the territory

Imaginary Time



Mk Ultra

Modern Prometheus

Radical Enlightenment

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The Ludovico Technique

Lyrics - Modern Prometheus

Breath of life and inorganic clay
Lifeforce of disarray
Malleable generatio spontanea
On the polysemous sixth day

Primitive proteinsynthesis
Commenced fission - genetic bliss
Complementary moleculespirals
Provenance of all conscience

No higher power that dilates upon
An evolution which has now begun
Organisms of disdain and malignity
Creatures endorsed by ignominy

Souled ones creep forth plenteously
Swarms spawn abundantly
Teped caved, shores and fens
Allow a new world order to commence

Primordial scenes of empiric existence
Parched skin comes to being without assistance
With pallid lips and trembling limbs they gaze
At their stygian arena now ablaze

The world as will and representation
Feeble disputants act without salvation
No being stands out eloquently
In nebular phantasms it suspends solitary

Ill-fated generation betwixt and restored
Spattered and mauled whilst on the soil
A hedonistic encrouchment adorned
Stale carnated dasein frustrate their coil