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Calamitous Mortality

Covering a multitude of sins


Fear comes with the territory

Imaginary Time



Mk Ultra

Modern Prometheus

Radical Enlightenment

Reading Gaol



Tedium Vitae

The Fatalist Archipelago

The Ludovico Technique

Lyrics - Integrity

Vain wisdom and false philosophy
Rueful stream of dismal ontology
Enmities of presumptuous hope
Consolation too irksome to cope

Faded bliss, no repenting hand
Profound thoughts of the highest design
Absolute foreknowledge, sorrow to augment
Graceless as categories align

Suitable hail for the thought-interpreter
Grasper of what the mind can comprehend
Reverence for the annihilator
Dispels fear to understand

Misery as the luring element
Troubled welkin not to dissolve
Invigorating the harsh ascent
Dulcet alacrities determined to solve

Ruin upon ruin, never to retire
Embellished pardons remain unuttered
Blissful passage through the mire
All virtues forthwith uncluttered

Dialectic dissection of the past
A mental elixir, a lucent blast
Vigilance placed and gently caressed
Reflected riddance unable to last