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Lyrics - Imaginary Time

Primates of a confined dimension
In a place beyond time and space
Where havoc and ruin operate without cohesion
No remission - no disgrace

The sacred influence relinquished
The empyreal heavens vanquished
The native seats across the firmament
Transitoriness now omnipresent

Aeons filled with cold dark matter
A magnitude past all utterance
Implosions make gravity unfetter
The dark subsides all radiance

Cosmic laws expunged and razed
Celestial campaigns now set out and waged
Imaginary time no longer abstract
Trangressing adversaries: all to subject

Encompassed the nothingness shall remain
Repentance and obedience now entwined
Postereties succumb in vain
Constellations now alligned

A rigid intercessor unimplored
Bequeathing reconcilement to consort
Inglorious it'll wreck the ample air
As a profound leveller extraordinaire

Infinity without affinity
Degraded effulgence of eternity
No longer heaven's phenomenlogy
As spheres diminish maliciously

Dark, waste and wild, under the frown of night
Starless exposed and everlasting fright
Of chaos inclement skies
The glimmering vexed air now dies