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Calamitous Mortality

Covering a multitude of sins


Fear comes with the territory

Imaginary Time



Mk Ultra

Modern Prometheus

Radical Enlightenment

Reading Gaol



Tedium Vitae

The Fatalist Archipelago

The Ludovico Technique

Lyrics - Fear comes with the territory

Cynical smokescreen
Misleading replies
Indifferent routine
Stronghold of the unwise

Odious though meek
Formal and divisive
The subservient streak
Humble and indecisive

Quid pro quo
As it goes to show
This moral manouvreability


Chaired by the overlord
Reflected on your soundness
Views and comments ignored
Protected status of incompetence

Drained into submission
The means justify the end
A human condition
Sycofants can understand

I'll have you know; fear comes with the territory
This grand design bestowed
With commitment and insurgency

I'll have you know; you distinguished citizen
Pure as driven snow
Remain calm and count to ten

Vulgar oversimplification
Great tides of irrelevant information
Broad understanding – unimpeachable integrity
Catatonic by this numbing anxiety

Allocations of executive authority
Appointed on a whim – divide and rule priority
A sounds man knows what's required
As you are well aware

Humble vassals in exalted circles: origins of despair
Heart of the system
Pounding with impunity
Fear of demotion
Measured by activity
Underlings undermined
For excess and inefficiency
Virtues restrained
By a mental deficiency
The right honourable
Repremanding those who see
Appointed opponents
Composing the hierarchy
Land of debris, home of the grave
Clean and dramatic
Tethering the bold and brave
Normative actions – reinforced by tyranny
Servants contained, as far as the eye can see