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Calamitous Mortality

Covering a multitude of sins


Fear comes with the territory

Imaginary Time



Mk Ultra

Modern Prometheus

Radical Enlightenment

Reading Gaol



Tedium Vitae

The Fatalist Archipelago

The Ludovico Technique

Lyrics - The Fatalist Archipelago

Despise yourself
Rely on me
No mutual depedency
Always succumb to tyranny
Devoted to the hierarchy
Your mortal sight is doomed to fail
Logic thinking does not avail
Rational liberty has gone stale
Your favored lot allows you to wail
Draconian authority
Abhorring clemency
Toiling from the womb into the grave
Remain in bondage inside Plato's cave

A burden heavier than the earth
Unknown days of joy and mirth
Captured in this dismal place
Never pardoned by no-one's grace
Longing to return to dust
Trapped in a vortex of a seismic blast
Ether pregnant with endless woes
Exclamations of corrupted foes

A colony - a purposed prey
Unsustained and led astray
Unbattered will - prepared to strive
Amor fati, yet determined to stay alive

Awake, arise or forever be fallen
Subservience towards your liege
This torment within us, a hateful siege
As the subtlest beast now slithers and comes crawling